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More free wallpaper sites offering original desktop pictures... ~ High-quality, high-resolution digital images by Dean and Debra Galloway, including pictures of Florida beaches, sunsets, scenic landscapes and seascapes, flowers, abstract photos, nature and holiday wallpaper ~ all free for screens up to 2880x1800. ~ Classic landscape photography from around the world, including tropical islands of the Caribbean, Indonesia and French Polynesia Bali, Java, Martinique, Tahiti and Moorea unique scenes and wildlife from Antarctica, and high-resolution space wallpaper (up to 2560x1600). ~ Photos from around the world by Richard Soberka, including islands of the South Pacific and Caribbean, New Caledonia, Cuba, Portugal, Greece, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and many more picturesque travel destinations, with a collection of free desktop pictures in sizes up to 1920x1200. ~ High-resolution wallpaper from France, Switzerland, Nepal, Bolivia, Italy, Scotland, Hawaii and many other destinations, including pictures of mountains, glaciers, lakes, beaches, flowers and animals, free to download in sizes up to 4096x3072. ~ Underwater photography by Jim Christensen from the Cayman Islands, Solomon Islands, Hawaii, Fiji, Palau and Indonesia, as well as scenic pictures and images of flowers, palm trees and tropical beaches in wallpaper sizes up to 1280x1024. ~ Scenic pictures of Venice and the mountains of Italy, with sunsets, flowers and nature close-up photos in sizes up to 800x600. ~ Archive site for Macintosh users, including a collection of desktop pictures in a variety of sizes.


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